District Resources for Emission Inventory - Creating Inventories

This page last reviewed March 13, 2013

Guidance - The ARB and the US EPA offer guidance for use by those submitting inventories.

Mobile Source Models - Government and other organizations involved in inventories, database format specifications, quality assurance procedures, statewide and district quality assurance reports.

Area-Wide Source Methods - The ARB and the districts have developed over 460 of estimation methods for area-wide sources.

Reference - The emission inventory uses a number of unique code systems to represent such things as industry and process type. Emission factors are used to calculate emissions and are specific to individual pollutants and process types.

Speciation Profiles -- Speciation profiles estimate the composition of emissions and are used in the emission inventory and air quality models. The ARB maintains estimates of the chemical composition and size fractions of particulate matter (PM) and the chemical composition and reactive fractions of total organic gases (TOG) for a variety of emission source categories.

Software - The ARB and the US EPA have created a number of software tools to store and create emission inventories.

Emission Inventory District Resources