Emission Inventory Data

This page last reviewed January 26, 2017

2012 Base Year Emissions:

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On-Road Sources Statewide
Off-Road Sources District
Stationary Sources Air Basin
Areawide Sources County
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Find historical data as well as projections of anticipated future year emissions

If you want to know how these emission estimates were developed, please see our Documentation page.


  1. Emissions from natural sources such as biogenics and wildfires are an option in the CEPAM Trend Tool. They are not included in the reports at the top of the page (reports for year across pollutant).

  2. Regarding emissions from Ocean Going Vessels (OGV) and Commercial Harbor Craft (CHC), the reports at the top of this page (emissions for year across pollutant) include emissions out to 100 nautical miles from shore. Regarding the CEPAM Trend Tool, the statewide reporting default for OGV and CHC is 3 nautical miles from shore. When running a statewide report from CEPAM, if the user desires emissions out to 24 or 100 nautical miles, it must be selected in the report run.