Area-Wide Source Methodologies

This page last reviewed May 20, 2014

Area-Wide source methods are used to estimate emissions for approximately 500 emission source categories in the emission inventory. Also, we provide more information on the area-wide source emission categories.

The Index of Methodologies by Major Category includes summaries of the methodologies with links to the complete methodologies, which are provided in Acrobat format. A detailed list of the area-wide source categories is provided in the List of Area-Wide Source Categories and the Responsible Agency in Excel format. To calculate the emissions from off-road mobile sources, ARB staff has developed an off-road mobile source emission model, OFFROAD. Information on recent updates to the OFFROAD model is available for review.

This website is a living document, which means individual sections will be updated periodically  as individual categories are updated or new categories are created. Draft methodologies recently developed by ARB staff are available for review in Acrobat format. If you have questions or suggestions concerning these methods, please email the Emission Inventory Branch. Also, available are methodologies recently developed by Sonoma Technology, Inc. (STI) for the Central California Ozone Study CCOS).  Please view the STI methodologies.