Emission Inventory

This page last reviewed June 28, 2011


Air Pollutants

Criteria Pollutants


An air pollutant for which acceptable levels of exposure can be determined and for which an ambient air quality standard has been set. Examples include: ozone, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and PM10 and PM2.5.
Air Toxics
Toxic air pollutants may cause or contribute to an increase in deaths, or may pose a present or potential hazard to human health. Health effects from toxics may occur at extremely low levels, and it is typically difficult to identify levels of exposure which do not produce adverse health effects.
Speciation Profiles
Speciation profiles provide estimates of the chemical composition of criteria and toxic emissions, and are used in the emission inventory and air quality modeling. [Converts tons of PM or ROG into pounds of each individual toxic pollutant emitted for that process.]
Health Effects of Air Pollution
This factsheet shows the health effects of some of the common pollutants found in our air and examples of some of the sources of these pollutants.