ARB Rulemaking Activity in 2015

This page last reviewed October 27, 2015

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The 2015 Rulemaking Calendar presents the proposed schedule for rulemaking activity within the ARB for the calendar year.

2015 Rulemaking Calendar

The following alphabetical list of all ARB rulemaking projects considered at 2015 Board hearings provides links to the
rulemaking documents for each item.

Alternative Diesel Fuels (Hearing Date: February 19, 2015 and September 24, 2015)

Conflict of Interest Code

Low Carbon Fuel Standard (Hearing Date: February 19, 2015 and September 24, 2015)

On-Board Diagnostic System Requirements (OBD II)  (Hearing Date: September 24, 2015)

Spark Ignition Marine Watercraft (Hearing Date: February 19, 2015)

Vapor Recovery Systems (Hearing Date: April 23, 2015)

Vapor Recovery Equipment Defects List

Zero Emission Vehicle (Hearing Date: December 17, 2015) CANCELLED

If you have questions or comments regarding the above regulatory activity, but were unable to contact the individual
 listed as the contact for that rulemaking project, please contact Bradley Bechtold at (916) 322-65334.