Decisions Pending and Opportunities for Public Participation

This page last reviewed August 16, 2016

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In accordance with the Government Modernization, Efficiency, Accountability, and Transparency Act of 2005 (Chapter 686, Statutes of 2005, Figueroa), we provide the following "customer service" links.

1. All applicable bulletins and notices Please check the program area of interest and sign up for the applicable list serve which enables us to keep you informed of upcoming events and status of ARB activities. Alternatively, you may wish to sign up for our RSS feed or link to our What's New webpage both of which provide access to all public list serve broadcasts. See also our Rulemakings web area for current and past items taken to our Board.
2. Notices of all public meetings and agendas All public meeting notices and associated agendas are posted to our website. Please check the applicable program area of interest or for a single location of meetings, please check the Events Calendar. For items that are scheduled for formal Board action, please subscribe to our board list serve and/or view ARB's Board Activities web area.
3. How to Participate Please review any of the following materials designed to help you participate in ARB activities:

4. Laws and Regulations Relevant to Current Public Proceedings All laws (Federal and State), regulations (State and local air district), executive orders (ARB), and related web links outside ARB can be found on our Laws and Regulations website.
5. Submit Your Comments to Draft Regulations Here To know what items are about to be heard by our Board and for which public comments are solicited, please go to: Send Us Your Comments. Note that you may also wish to participate in the discussions that precede the formal Board hearing on an item. In which case, you should consider items #1 and 2 above.
6. Webcasts To become aware of any meetings scheduled for webcast (incl. all Board meetings), please go to our webcasting calendar.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding any of the above, please contact webmaster.