CARB Formal Rulemaking Activity Archive (1993 - 2017)

This page last reviewed March 26, 2019

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meeting room The California Air Resources Board (CARB) is responsible for conducting rulemakings to adopt and amend regulations covering a variety of areas. These rulemakings are brought to the Board for consideration and an archive of these "formal" rulemaking documents is retained by rulemaking action. For an alphabetical listing of CARB rulemaking actions considered from 1993 to 2017, with links to the formal rulemaking documents, click below.  

Rulemaking actions from 2018 to present are located on the current Rulemaking Activity webpage. 

The 2018 Rulemaking Calendar presents the proposed schedule for rulemaking activity within CARB for the calendar year.
2018 Rulemaking Calendar

If you would like to learn about the rulemaking process or otherwise get involved, please review our Decisions Pending and Opportunities for Public Participation.

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