Vapor Recovery Program - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) For Underground Storage Tanks (USTs)

This page last reviewed December 16, 2014

Before you finalize your upgrade plan to meet the requirements below, you are advised to contact other local agencies to ascertain that your plan meets their requirements, in addition to your local air quality agency.  Examples of agencies that you should check with are your city government, fire department, Certified Unified Program Agency (CUPA), and Public Health Department.

1.0 - Vapor Recovery General (including pre-EVR questions)
2.0 - Enhanced Vapor Recovery (EVR) - GENERAL
3.0 - Phase I EVR
4.0 - Phase II EVR
5.0 - Title 17 Equipment Defects
6.0 - Unihose

1.0 - VAPOR RECOVERY GENERAL (including pre-EVR questions)

1.1   How do I certify my equipment?

Answer:  CP-201 Certification Procedure for Vapor Recovery Systems at Gasoline Dispensing Facilities outlines the certification process for vapor recovery equipment used in service stations.

1.2   Is my service station in compliance?

Answer:  Check with your local district since California Service Stations are subject to the rules and regulations of the district.

1.3   What is the warranty period for certified equipment?

Answer:  New vapor recovery equipment is required to have a warranty of at least 1 year from date of installation.

1.4   Who enforces in-use vapor recovery performance?

Answer:  In most cases,the local air district will enforce in-use vapor recovery performance requirements.


2.1   How can I get copies of the Executive Orders?

Answer:  View them at vapor recovery system Executive orders. Otherwise, you can request a copy by calling (916) 327-0900.


3.1   What Phase I systems are certified?

Answer:  View the EVR certified Phase I systems listed on the website.  Additional Executive Orders certifying new systems will be posted as they are issued. Only certified systems may be installed in new gasoline dispensing facilities or for major modifications of existing gasoline dispensing facilities on or after July 1, 2001.


4.1  Where can I find a Phase II Executive Order?

Answer:  View the Phase II EVR certified vapor recovery system Executive Orders.

5.0 - Title 17 Vapor Recovery Equipment Defects

5.1   Where can I find further information on Title 17 vapor recovery equipment defects?

Answer:  View information regarding Title 17 equipment defects on our web site

6.0 - Unihose

6.1   When do I need to replace my non-Unihose multiproduct (non-Unihose) dispensers (i.e. 6-packs) with Phase II Unihose multi-product (Unihose) dispensers?

Answer:  If your non-Unihose dispensers were installed before April 1, 2003, they may remain in use for the remainder of their useful life unless major modifications are made to your facility. Major modifications include addition, replacement or removal of 50 percent or more of the buried vapor piping or replacing dispensers.

6.2   My non-Unihose dispenser was damaged by a customer (end user) and needs to be replaced. Do I need to replace it with a Unihose dispenser?

Answer:  No. Dispensers damaged as a result of an accident or vandalism may be replaced with the previously installed type dispenser.

6.3   I installed six non-Unihose dispensers before April 1, 2003. Over the last few months I replaced two dispensers due to end user damage. I now must replace a third dispenser due to further damage from end users. Is this considered the 50 percent limit for replacing non-Unihose dispensers? Am I required to replace the remainder of my non-Unihose dispensers?

Answer:  No. The 50 percent replacement is not a cumulative total as long as the replacement is necessary because of damage.

6.4   Do I need to replace my non-Unihose dispensers with Unihose dispensers if I am replacing a blender or sensor?

Answer:  No.

6.5   I am replacing an under dispenser spill containment for my non-Unihose dispensers. Do I need to replace the dispenser with a Unihose dispenser?

Answer:  No, if the under-dispenser containment instalation is initiated before January 1, 2004.

6.6   If I install a Unihose dispenser today, will it be allowed to stay in use beyond 2008?

Answer:  Unihose and non-unihose dispensers that are eventually certified as part of EVR Phase II systems can be used beyond 2009.