Vapor Recovery Certification Phase II EVR Executive Orders

Executive Order VR-204-W

This page last updated April 17, 2018

Balance Phase II Enhanced Vapor Recovery System Including In-Station Diagnostics (ISD)
Full VR-204-W

Modification Highlights

Legal Document
Equipment List
System Specifications
Manufacturing Performance Specifications and Warranties
Required Items in Conducting TP-201.3
Liquid Removal Test Procedure
Required Items For Conducting TP-201.4
Nozzle Bag Test Procedure
VST ECS; Hydrocarbon Sensor Verification Test Procedure
VST ECS; Determination of Processor Activation Pressure
Veeder-Root; Vapor Pressure Sensor Verification Test Procedure
Veeder-Root Vapor Polisher; Operability Test Procedure
Veeder-Root Vapor Polisher; Hydrocarbon Emissions Verification Test Procedure
Hirt VCS 100 Processor with Indicator Panel Operability Test Procedure
Franklin Fueling Systems Healy Clean Air Separator; Static Pressure Performance Test Procedure
VST Green Machine Compliance Test Procedure
Liquid Condensate Trap Compliance Test Procedure
Veeder-Root; ISD Vapor Flow Meter Operability Test Procedure
Veeder-Root Maintenance Tracker
INCON Flow Meter Operability Test Procedure
INCON PRessure Sensor Operability Test Procedure

Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual (IOM)
Full IOM VR-204-W

Contractor Requirements
Weekly Inspections
Annual Inspections
Alarm Troubleshooting Summary
Drive-offs and Other Customer Abuse
Phase II Coaxial Balance EVR Dripless Nozzles
Phase II Coaxial EVR Nozzle Repair Kits
Phase II Coaxial EVR Balance Fuel Hose
Phase II Coaxial EVR Balance Safety Breakaway Device
VST ECS Membrane Processor: Installation
VST ECS Membrane Processor: Operation, Maintenance, & Start-Up
Veeder-Root: ISD Installation Manual
Veeder-Root ISD/ VST ECS Membrane Processor/ Veeder-Root Vapor Polisher:
Pressure Sensor Installation Guide
Veeder-Root Vapor Polisher: Installation
Veeder-Root ISD: Flow Meter Installation Guide
Hirt VCS 100 Vapor Processor and Indicator Panel Installation Manual
Healy Clean Air Separator Installation Guide
VST Green Machine Installation and Maintenance Manual
Veeder-Root TLS RF Wireless 2 System: Installation and Maintenance Guide.
Liquid Condensate Trap: Installation, Operations, and Maintenance Manual
INCON VRM Operator Guide
INCON VFM Install Guide
INCON VPS Install Guide
INCON DTU Console Side Install
INCON DTU Dispenser Retrofit Install
INCON Thermal Printer Install Retrofit
Veeder-Root Vapor Pressure Sensor Vent Stack Install


Alternate Potting Compound for Franklin Fueling Systems Vapor Flow Meter
April 8, 2016 Letter to Franklin Fueling Systems (FFS) allowing for an alternate potting compound for FFS INCON In-Station Diagnostic System (ISD) vapor flow meter.

September 22, 2010 Letter to Vapor Systems Technologies (VST) regarding the addition of a hold-open latch release mechanism on the VST Enhanced Vapor Recovery (EVR) nozzles.

August 24, 2010 Letter to Vapor Systems Technologies (VST) regarding the removal of hold-open latches on the VST Enhanced Vapor Recovery (EVR) nozzles.

VST Hanging Hardware Compatibility Approval Letter #07-09
November 27, 2007 letter to Vapor Systems Technologies approving VST's EVR hanging hardward as replacement components on Pre-EVR balance vapor recovery systems.

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