ARB Vapor Recovery Certification Contacts

This page last reviewed June 21, 2016


The vapor recovery application type, certification requirements and contact information are listed below.


Application Type Requirement(s) Contact Email, Phone, and Application Status
Aboveground Storage Tanks CP-206 Donielle Jackson  (916) 445-9308
Bulk Plants CP-202 Basharat Iqbal  (916) 322-7582
Application Status
Bulk Terminals CP-203 Basharat Iqbal  (916) 322-7582
Application Status
Cargo Tank Vapor Recovery CP-204  Zachary Belll  (916) 229-0314 
Enhanced Conventional Nozzles CP-207 Paul Marzilli   (916) 445-7431 
Low Pemeation Hoses CP-201, CP-206, and CP-207 Oscar Lopez   (916) 323-1161 
Vapor Recovery Systems for Service Stations CP-201 Ken Lewis   (916) 322-8098

The general ARB Vapor Recovery phone number is (916) 327-0900. 

All Vapor Recovery Certification Application except cargo tanks should be sent to the following:

Chief of the Vapor Recovery and Fuel Transfer Branch
Monitoring and Laboratory Division
Air Resources Board
P.O. Box 2815
Sacramento, California 95812-2815

Street Address
1927 13th Street
Sacramento, California 95811

Cargo Tank Certification Application is done online.