Welding Emissions

This page last reviewed May 19, 2011

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Emissions from stainless steel welding are a source of concern because of the potential health impacts from hexavalent chromium.  In 2001 the Air Resources Board (ARB) identified hexavalent chromium (Cr+6) emissions from welding as a pollutant of concern and contracted with Dr. Dan Chang (UC Davis) to investigate and improve upon existing welding emission estimates. Sixty-six tests were performed for several different welding processes using both mild and stainless steel welding electrodes to measure both hexavalent chromium and particulate matter (total PM and PM2.5).

To learn more about this research, view the Summary Report (PDF - 259kb). To see the entire report with the data analysis, view the Research Report (PDF 259kb) (MS Word - 2,838kb) and (Data Analysis Spreadsheet (MS Excel - 335kb).

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