Hotspots Analysis and Reporting Program (HARP)

This page last reviewed May 10, 2019


The Hotspots Analysis and Reporting Program (HARP) is a software suite that addresses the programmatic requirements of the Air Toxics "Hot Spots" Program (Assembly Bill 2588). HARP incorporates the information presented in the 2015 Air Toxics Hotspots Program Guidance Manual for Preparation of Health Risk Assessments. HARP is divided into three programs: the Emissions Inventory Module (EIM), Air Dispersion Modeling and Risk Tool (ADMRT), and Risk Assessment Standalone Tool (RAST). HARP can be used by the air pollution control and air quality management districts (districts), facility operators and other organizations or individuals to promote statewide consistency, efficiency and cost-effective development of facility emission inventories and conducting health risk assessments. HARP can also be used for conducting health risk assessments used in other programs (e.g., facility permitting, CEQA reviews).

Risk Assessment Standalone Tool
Air Dispersion Modeling and Risk Tool
Emission Inventory Module

HARP Current Versions
ADMRT - 19121
RAST - 19044
EIM - 2.1.1

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