Hotspots Analysis Reporting Program Documents

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HARP User Guide

User guide for the HARP software.

HARP How-To Guides

The HARP How-To Guides are supplemental instruction aids to the user guide. They provide step-by-step procedures to carry out some of the basic functions of HARP. The guides were written in a manner that assumes the reader has a basic understanding of HARP. For detailed information about HARP, please see the user guide

HARP Data File Matrix

If you are interested in keeping a record of the project you have created in HARP, you might be interested in the HARP Data File Matrix. The HARP Data File Matrix is a set of three tables that provide information on which files are needed to document a health risk assessment. It also lists which files are used/created by each module in HARP. This is helpful for troubleshooting and recreating someone else's work.
KML Export Instructions These instructions are for the new Keyhole Markup Language (KML) feature in HARP Version 1.4. The KML feature allows users to export the map and risk data in HARP to Google Earth.


OEHHA Hot Spots Guidelines (Link to OEHHA's website)

OEHHA Hot Spots Guidelines

  • Part I: Technical Support Document for the Determination of Noncancer Reference Exposure Level (2008)
  • Part II: Technical Support Document for Describing Available Cancer Potency Factors
  • Part IV: Technical Support Document for Exposure Assessment and Stochastic Analysis
  • Part V: Air Toxic Hot Spots Program Risk Assessment Guidelines

ARB Recommended Interim Risk Management Policy for Inhalation-Based Residential Cancer Risk (PDF - 429 KB)

ARB recommends that the Interim Policy for Inhalation-Based Residential Cancer Risk be used to augment the OEHHA Air Toxic Hot Spots Program Guidance Manual for Preparation of Health Risk Assessment where a single cancer risk value (rather than a range of risk) is needed or prudent for characterizing risk or where a single risk value is used for risk management decision-making for residential receptors.

Interim Risk Mananagement Policy FAQs

Consolidated Table of Health Values

The Consolidated Table of OEHHA / ARB Approved Risk Assessment Health Values is a quick look-up table of all cancer potency values and noncancer acute, 8-hour, and chronic Reference Exposure Levels (RELs) that are available for use in the AB 2588 Air Toxics "Hot Spots" Program.

"Hot Spots" Inventory Guidelines

The Emission Inventory Criteria and Guidelines (Inventory Guidelines) provide direction and criteria to facilities on how to compile and submit air toxics emission data required by the "Hot Spots" Program

Guideline on Air Quality Models (PDF - 645 KB)

Guideline on air quality models.

ISC Documentation Volume I (PDF - 640 KB)

User's Manual for ISC3. Volume 1, User Instructions.

ISC Documentation Volume II (PDF - 500 KB)

User's Manual for ISC3. Volume 2, Description of Model Algorithms.

BPIP Manual (PDF - 700 KB)

User's Manual for the Building Profile Input Program.

Revision (PDF - 16 KB)
BPIP Bulletin (PDF - 71 KB)

UTM Zones Map (PDF - 114 KB)

A map of the UTM zones in North America.

Tiger/Line Files, 1995 Technical Documentation (PDF - 1.63 MB)

Technical documentation for the Tiger/Line Files.

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