California Toxics Inventory

This page last reviewed September 12, 2017

The California Toxics Inventory (CTI) currently provides emissions estimates by stationary (point and aggregated point), areawide, onroad mobile (gasoline and diesel), offroad mobile (gasoline, diesel, and other), and natural sources.

The CTI is developed by speciating ARB estimates of Total Organic Gas (TOG) and Particulate Matter (PM) for area, mobile, and natural sources using the most recent speciation profiles. Speciated emissions for each source category are then reconciled with reported stationary point source toxics data to establish a complete inventory.

Stationary sources include point sources provided by facility operators and/or districts pursuant to the Air Toxics “Hot Spots” Program (AB 2588), and aggregated point sources estimated by the ARB and/or districts. Areawide sources are those that do not have specific locations and are spread out over large areas such as consumer products and unpaved roads. Mobile sources consist of onroad vehicles such as passenger cars and trucks, motorcycles, busses, and heavy-duty trucks. Offroad sources include trains, ships, and boats. Natural sources like wildfires are also included.

Draft 2010 CTI Summary Table (November 2013) (Excel)

2008 CTI Summary Table - released on December 10, 2008 (Excel)

2006 CTI Summary Table - released on May 20, 2008 (Excel) (PDF)

2004 CTI Summary Table (Excel) (PDF)

Documentation (PDF)

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