December 22, 1999

Dear Madam or Sir:

The California Air Resources Board (ARB or Board) invites you to participate in a workshop in Sacramento on the ARB's effort to amend California's Agricultural Burning Guidelines (Guidelines). These Guidelines set forth requirements for management of smoke from planned burning on croplands and orchards and prescribed burning on rangelands and forests. Updating these Guidelines is part of our overall effort to improve California's smoke management program.

The workshop will be held on Tuesday, January 18, 2000 from 9:00 am to noon, at the Air Resources Board, 2020 "L" Street, Sacramento. The meeting will be held in the Board's lower level hearing room.

We have continued to receive many substantive comments since release of the September proposal, and have revised that version of the draft regulation to address many of the concerns and suggestions. The revised draft, along with a summary of the proposed rule, are now available on our website at (click on "Workshops"). You may also request a copy of the document from Ms. Susan Paul at (916) 322-6048.

The public hearing to consider the revised Guidelines has been scheduled for
March 23-24, 2000. Formal proposed amendments to the Guidelines and the staff report will be released for public comment on February 4, 2000, 45 days prior to the Board hearing.

If you have any questions, please call Mr. Don McNerny at (916) 322-6048.



Robert D. Fletcher, Chief
Planning and Technical Support Division

cc: Don McNerny, Chief
Modeling and Meteorology Branch

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