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California Wildfire Coordination Group - Redding IFFWU
Northern California's Interagency Fire Forecast and Warning Unit (IFFWU) provides forecasts and observations for Northern California, and links to many other helpful sites.

California Wildfire Coordination Group - Riverside IFFWU
Southern California's Interagency Fire Forecast and Warning Unit (IFFWU) provides forecasts and observations for Southern California, and links to many other helpful sites.

Cooperative Institute for Regional Prediction (CIRP) Weather
CIRP fire weather page. GACCs and weather near fires available. Can get the following information by CWA region: fire weather, five-day RH and T, 24-hour trends, current weather, precipitation,. Detailed met information available on ADAS Western US maps.

IPS Meteostar
This forecast page includes seven-day forecasts, satellite and radar loops.

Current Observations
Current observations by state. Can sort by any field.

MOS Guidance
AVN, MRF, ETA MOS for any city with an ICAO number.

National Fire Weather
This fire weather forecast page includes: observations / RAWS / Haines Index, Radar / Satellite images, temperature / rainfall / snow pack data, hydrology, climatology, aviation, fire weather.

National Weather Service - Western Regional Headquarters
All the basic weather forecast stuff. To go directly to a closer area.

Las Vegas, NV
Los Angeles
Medford, OR
Reno, NV
San Diego
San Francisco/Monterey
San Joaquin Valley

National Weather Service Forecast Office -- Phoenix, AZ

NOAA Air Resources Laboratory (READY System)- Current Meteorology
The output of this system is useful when looking at trends for prescribed burn forecasting. You can use the output of the READY system for inputs into particulate matter forecast models. The particulate matter forecast sometimes drives the burn decision.

NOAA / ETL Weather and Climate Applications Division - Data and Image Library
This page contains links to images of real-time meteorological data from all of our active sites. Archived ASCII data and images for active and selected non-active sites are available via the Real-Time Data / Image Archive or Anonymous FTP .

San Diego Air Pollution Control District
San Diego Air Quality Information - Air quality data, forecasts, ozone maps, radar wind profilers, data archives.

Western Regional Climate Center
Climate and weather information, daily temperature and precipitation data, web cam showing sky over Reno.

Wind Information
Wind data, including profiler data, may also be found on the sites above.

Coastal Wind Profiler - Naval Postgraduate School
The Naval Postgraduate School collects lower air profiler data from all sites in California and displays them in real time.

San Diego APCD Wind Profiler Information
Profiler data for Point Loma and Miramar, surface wind analysis, coastal winds.

Computer Model Forecasts
See Computer Model Output below.

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Maps and
Satellite Images

NWS - Sacramento
Satellite images from the National Weather Service - visible, IR, water vapor, fog enhancement, high density winds.

Wildland Fire Assessment System
National maps of selected fire weather and fire danger components of the National Fire Danger Rating System.

Earth Observatory - NASA
Datasets include fire, precipitation, vegetation, land cover classification, outgoing heat. Photographic and satellite images are extraordinary. Can give some forecasting benefit for larger smoke plumes and may let you see what else is going on in the area of a planned burn.

RAWS (Remote Automated Weather Stations)

Basic Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Information on the NWS RAWS Network

Current Bay Area RAWS Map
Bay Area Weather Observations - Includes RAWS Summary, METAR Summary, and Bay Wind Map

California Interactive RAWS and METAR Observation Map

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Air Quality

Interagency Real Time Smoke Monitoring

Monterey Bay (MBUAPCD) Air Quality Map
Monterey Bay Air Quality Maps with Preliminary Data

San Diego Air Quality Information
San Diego Air Quality Information - Air quality data, forecasts, ozone maps, radar wind profilers, data archives.

San Francisco Bay Area (BAAQMD) Air Monitoring Network
Bay Area Air Quality Monitoring Stations - general information, real-time air quality and meteorological data.

San Joaquin Air Quality Information
San Joaquin Air Quality Information - PM10 and Ozone. Air Monitoring Location Map.

South Coast AQMD Air Quality Area Map
South Coast Air Quality Data - subregion hourly readings

AIRNOW - U.S. EPA - California
Local air quality forecasts, ozone maps, real-time data, AQI

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ARB Smoke Management Program - Emission Factors Emission factors developed by the U.S. Forest Service and approved by the ARB may be obtained from several sources. This site is one.

Fire Effects Information System (FEIS)
Database containing fire effects information for individual plant and animal species. Is intended to be a comprehensive, synthesized reference for the effects of fire on individual species.

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Fire Information

GeoMAC Wildland Fire Support
Geospatial Multi-Agency Coordination Group - Current Fire Situation Information

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Computer Models
and Software

Computer Model Output

Pacific Northwest MM5 Forecasts
Weather forecasts utilizing University of Washington's MM5 model. 4, 12, and 36 km domains. Please read the disclaimer provided on the site. The authorized use of this data is limited to academic and educational purposes only, and NOT for operational or commercial purposes.

National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP)
Model Analyses and Forecasts

Computer Models and Sofrware Available for Downloading

EPA - SCRAM - Preferred / Recommended Models
Models are those currently listed in Appendix A of the Guidelines on Air Quality Models (published as Appendix W of 40 CFR Part 51). Also, included are Alternative Models that can be used on a case-by-case basis for individual regulatory appliations.

Fire Management Tools On-Line
USDA Forest Service site that includes access to software such as BEHAVE and CONSUME (among many others).

Timber Harvest Plan Map Maker
Software designed to locate and identify the Calwater Unit in which a Timber Harvest Plan (THP) is located. The interface allows users to navigate to desired watershed using several navigational GIS layers and a variety of query methods.

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Live Cams


Live Streaming Traffic Video

Air Basins

Lake Tahoe

Web Cams at Heavenly Ski Resort
Lake Tahoe Cam

Sacramento Valley


San Joaquin Valley

Shaver Lake

South Coast

Downtown Los Angeles Cam

Other Areas of Interest

Reno, Nevada (WRCC Web Cam)

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