Smoke Management Program

This page last reviewed July 6, 2015

Smoke Management Program

Controlled Burn Notices

Controlled Burn Notice
Forms (CB-3)

The Controlled Burn Notice form, otherwise known as the CB-3, is used by districts who elect to have the ARB Meteorology Section provide forecasts or decisions for prescribed burns.

The current draft of the new Controlled Burn Notice Form, CB-3, can be downloaded by clicking on the link on the left. This form is in Excel format. The two sheets in the workbook contain the CB-3 form and a filled out example. While all cells in the example are completely protected, the entry cells on the CB-3 form are unprotected.

The forms are submitted TO THE DISTRICT and will be forwarded to the ARB by District staff.

Any questions or comments regarding this form can be addressed to forecast dest at (916) 322-6014 or Ping Di at (916) 322-6040, both of the ARB's Meteorology Section.

CB-3 - Excel File

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