Rice Straw Diversion Plan

This page last reviewed June 16, 2008

Senate Bill 318 (1997, Thompson) required the Air Resources Board to develop an implementation plan and schedule to find uses for 50 percent of the rice straw from the Sacramento Valley by the year 2000. The ARB Staff developed this plan with the input of many stakeholders, including the three specified by legislation--the California Department of Food and Agriculture, the Advisory Committee on Alternatives to Rice Straw Burning, and the California Trade and Commerce Agency.

The appendices include Senate Bill 318 text, the Report of the Rice Straw Utilization Tax Credit Program, and the Rice Fund Grant Awards for Fiscal Year 1997-98.

The Executive Summary may be viewed here.

Rice Straw Diversion Plan (28 pages):

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Diversion Plan Appendices (30 pages):

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