2002 Rice Straw Expo

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Rice Straw Expo
2002 a Huge

On July 19, 2002 nearly 200 people gathered in Sacramento to learn about the currently available uses of rice straw.

The products and services on display included manufactured wallboards, compost, worm castings, erosion control wattles and straw bale building information. Information was on hand from each of the product manufacturers, as well as several government agencies that curently use or promote rice straw in California.

The day's events included several discussion panels, where experts presented information on the latest developments in rice straw utilization. The topics included developments that will facilitate the chemical production and refinement from rice straw, trends in agricultural use of rice straw, new resins for wall board construction, and updates on uses of rice straw bales as an energy and resource efficient building material.

Additionally, the California Rice Commission launched their new website "The Rice Straw Market." The objective of the site is to enhance opportunities for buyers and sellers of California rice straw to exchange products and services. Please visit this site to find product manufacturers, rice straw growers, or rice straw service providers.

To learn more about the Expo, contact Jeff Lindberg at (916) 324-8622.