Smoke Management Program
Advisory Committee on Alternatives to Rice Straw Burning
Member Roster

This page last reviewed June 16, 2008

Stephen Storelli
Integrated Waste Management Specialist
California Integrated Waste
Management Board

Judith Friedman, Manager
Organics and Resources Efficiency Branch
California Integrated Waste
Management Board

Robert Fletcher, Chief
Planning and Technical Support Division
California Air Resources Board


Rice Growers (2)

Bill Baggett
Rice Producers of California

Charles Matthews, Jr.
Williams Rice Milling

Environmental Community Representatives (2)

John Merz, Chair
Sacramento River Preservation Trust

Joan Lee
Gray Panthers

Health Officials (2)

Dr. Robert L. Holtzer

Dr. Jesse Joad
Department of Pediatrics
U.C. Davis Medical Center

County Supervisors or their Designees (2)

Jack Williams
U.C. Cooperative Extension

Susan Engstrom
Sacramento Metropolitan
Air Quality Management District

Air Pollution Control Council Member (1)

William Waite, Chair
Sacramento Valley Basinwide
Air Pollution Control Council


Business Community Member (1)

Paul Buttner
California Rice Commission


Technical Staff (3)

Erich Linse
Meteorology Section
California Air Resources Board

Theresa Najita
Particulate Matter Analysis Section
California Air Resources Board

Steve Shaffer, Director
Agriculture and Environmental Policy
California Department of
Food and Agriculture


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