Suggested Outreach Opportunities

This page last reviewed January 12, 2010

This page provides suggested outreach opportunities for land and air quality managers to use in the days or weeks following a specific burn project. The information should focus on the outcomes of the burn. The post project outreach should help reaffirm the community ownership that has been developing over previous stages of outreach. This stage of outreach also provides an opportunity to continue advanced outreach for future burns.

Scope of Information:

  • Focus on the recently completed project
    • How did the burn go?
    • Were the goals met?
    • What are the next steps?

Target Audience (and Potential Opportunities)

  • Sensitive Receptors
    • Inform the community when it is safe to return to their homes
  • Local Elected Officials
    • Arrange a presentation for your local decision makers covering the successes and shortfalls of the project
    • Discuss if any complaints were received and how they were handled
  • Local Radio, Television and Print Media
    • Press release regarding outcomes of the burn project
  • Local Fire Safe Councils


This page updated May 12, 2003.
SMP Public Outreach Protocol