Suggested Outreach Opportunities

This page last reviewed January 12, 2010

This page provides suggested outreach opportunities for land and air quality managers to use in the 1-2 months prior to a specific fuels treatment project. At this stage of outreach, the information should provide detailed information on a specific project.

Scope of Information:

  • Focus on one project
    • Specific burn information
    • Alternatives employed before, during and after the burn
  • How the land and air quality managers have been working together to minimize the smoke impacts
  • Details of the SMP for this specific burn
    • Anticipated date of the burn
    • Specific goals of the burn (Fact Sheet: The Benefits of Fire)
    • Prescription conditions and considerations
  • Smoke Impacts and Health Information
    • What are possible impacts on the public (Fact Sheet: Smoke Management and Public Health)
    • Where are the smoke impacts expected
    • What should the public do if they experience smoke impacts
  • Identify appropriate agency contacts through which the public can get more information

Target Audiences and Outreach Opportunities:

  • Sensitive Receptors
    • Continue collecting information from individuals identified as especially sensitive to smoke impacts
  • Local Elected Officials
  • Public Health Officials
  • Local Radio, Television and Print Media
    • Develop relationships with the people who will share your information
    • Feature articles on resource management
    • Calendar of anticipated projects
    • Inquire with public access television and radio stations about participating in a "community forum"
  • Local Fire Safe Councils
  • General Public
    • Organize a town hall meeting
    • Host a booth publicly attended events (parades, home and garden shows, fishing derbies, etc.)
    • Provide educational resources, such as:
    • Communities farther which may experience impacts
      • Communities near the burn (Posters, door hangers, etc.)
      • Include areas farther afield (Posters)

This page updated May 12, 2003.
SMP Public Outreach Protocol