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This page has materials submitted by members of the Title 17 Public Education and Outreach Subcommittee. Copies of some of the materials may be obtained by contacting Jeff Lindberg at (916) 324-8622.

Basic Smoke Management
  • Burning Questions - A Quick Guide to Understanding Agricultural and Open Burning in Sacramento County [Trifold FAQ] - 1996+?, Sacramento Metropolitan AQMD

  • Needed - Clean Air [Comic Book] - 1990, Unknown

  • Particulate Matter Air Pollution - A Threat to Our Health [Trifold Pamphlet] - 1997, Best Available Control Measure (BACM) Working Group

Agricultural Burning
  • Agricultural Burning - Self-Instruction Handbook [Comic Book] - 1997, ARB

Wildfires and the Urban Interface Issue
  • Homeowner's Guide to Fire and Watershed Safety at the Chaparral / Urban Interface
    [35-Page Color Booklet] - 1995, Los Angeles County, U.S. Forest Service

  • The Defensible Space and Healthy Forest Handbook - A Guide to Redusing the Wildfire Threat
    [114-Page Handbook] - 1997, Placer Hills Fire Protection District

  • The Wildland/Urban Fire Hazard [46-Page Handbook] - 1997, Insurance Services Office

  • Operation Evacuation [Color Trifold] - ?, Los Angeles County Fire Department, Farmers Insurance

  • Wildfire... Are You Prepared? [4-Page Pamphlet] - 1993, American Red Cross, FEMA,
    U.S. Fire Administration

  • Fire Safe, California - How to Make Your Home Fire Safe [4-Page Pamphlet] - ?, CDF

  • Reducing Fire Hazard in California's Urband-Wildland Interface [8-Page Booklet] - 1996?,
    Forest Products Laboratory     

  • Forest Management Burning Handbook [Comic Book] - 1994, ARB

  • Residential Outdoor Burning [Mockup Trifold - Never Published] - 2000, ARB

  • How Can We Live with Wildland Fire? [40-Page Booklet / Handbook] - 1997?, University of California, Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources, U.S. Department of Agriculture

Smoke and Health


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