ARB Smoke Management Outreach Protocol

This page last reviewed January 12, 2010


As part of the California Air Resources Board’s directive to assist stakeholders with implementation of California’s Smoke Management Program, the Title 17 Smoke Management Public Education and Outreach Working Group (membership) developed the Prescribed Burning Public Outreach Protocol. The Protocol identifies a smoke management message, and outreach materials and approaches – including an outreach timeline -- that land and air managers can use to help educate the public about prescribed burning and smoke management. The Protocol is embodied in the ARB Smoke Management Program Public Education and Outreach Web Page.

The Message:

  • The build up of vegetative fuels over past decades - together with the expansion of populated communities into wildland areas - has led to increased risk of public health and safety impacts from catastrophic wild fires.
  • Prescribed burning is one of a number of vegetation management tools used to help decrease fuels build up, reduce the risk of catastrophic wild fire and restore forests health.
  • Land and air managers work together, under the framework of the California Smoke Management Guidelines and local air district rules, to minimize potential smoke impacts associated with prescribed burning.
  • Sound planning, data collection & evaluation, land/air manager communication & coordination and the use of alternatives to prescribed burning whenever feasible, are the cornerstones of the smoke management program.

Public Outreach Protocol Elements:

Want more information on Air Quality and Land Management in your area?

  • Contact your Air District for local air quality and permitting information
  • Contact your local Land Manager for forest resource management information
  • Contact your local Fire Safe Council to learn what you can do to reduce your risk of wildfire damage


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