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 Memories of Tom Larsen
(Passed Away June 17, 2003)

We'll miss Tom very much. He really knew his stuff and he helped us in innumerable ways to improve California's prescribed burning and smoke management program. He helped develop a statewide Smoke Management Plan template and training module, Smoke Management Public Education and Outreach strategies and materials, and improved tools for achieving better smoke management -- like PFIRS. Tom really cared about people, and that's why so many people cared about him. The contributions Tom made to California's smoke management program will live on. Bruce Oulrey, IASC Steering Committee Member, 2003

A Note from Jerry Gause
May 30, 2003

After having several months to look back and evaluate things, I can say that of all the groups, organizations, and associations I was a member of, none of them matched up to IASC. This is a sound group of professionals jumping on issues and trying to solve them at the forefront. Carry on the good work and most of all, meet the deadlines you set for yourselves. And finally, have fun doing it. Jerry Gause, Class of '03