Interagency Air and Smoke Council Activities

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The Interagency Air and Smoke Council (IASC) is established to provide a forum for air regulators, land managers, and fire managers to discuss air quality and smoke management issues in California. If you are an IASC member and would like to add information to this page, please contact Dar Mims at (916) 322-7454.

What's New?

2018 IASC Spring Meeting Presentations 

June 27th & 28th 


Summer Wildfire Outlook – Predictive Services - Brent Wachter, North Ops
Wildfire (Lightening Ignition) Success Example and Discussion in 2017/2018 – Kelly Martin, Yosemite NP     

 - Video1, Video2,  Video3,  Video4,  Video5
CARPA Update – Mark Copple, CARB Office of Emergency Services
- PFIRS – Jason Branz, CARB 
 -SMP Review – Kim Summers, Siskiyou County APCD and Heather McRae Shasta-Trinity, USFS
“The efficacy of news for determining smoke impacts from wildland fire”  Don Schweizer, USFS
AQI Discussion in Messaging / US EPA – Susan Stone
Prescribed Fire Successes and Discussion in 2017/2018 –  Lee Tarnay, USFS
Fire MOU Partnership – Craig Thomas, Sierra Forest Legacy

2017 IASC Spring Meeting Presentations

May 2nd & 3rd 

- Fire Season Outlook– 2017 snow, planned and unplanned fire timing - Tom Rolinski, USFS South Ops
Tree Mortality (100 Million and Counting) - Jim McDougald, CAL FIRE
Aligning Smoke Management with Ecological Goals - Jonathan Long, USFS
 Wildfire Emission smoke from tree mortality areas - Lee Tarnay, USFS
 -Capeles Creek Teresa Riesenhuber, Eldorado NF USFS
Naturally Ignited Fires – Reducing Smoke Risks in Complex Terrain - Dar Mims (ARB)
Air Resource Advisor (ARA) In the prescribed burn process –  Pete Lahm, USFS
CARB Office of Emergency Response E-BAM use for prescribed fires – Mark Copple, ARB
Framing messages on RX fire and smoke –  Ann Hobbs, Placer County APCD, Trent Procter, USFS
Exceptional Events – Meredith Kurpius, EPA
Regional Haze  – Tina Suarez-Murias, ARB
Landscape Resilience Assessment – EcObject- Scott Conway, USFS
California Air Response Planning Alliance (CARPA) - Prescribed Fire Updates for 2017-- Charles Pearson, ARB

Link to the workshop Agenda 

2015 IASC/CARPA Workshop


2015 IASC/CARPA Workshop: Managing Smoke Impacts

May 13th and 14th 2015 

California Air Resources Board/Monitoring and Laboratory Division:

1927 13th Street Sacramento, CA 95811

Powerpoint Presentations, Videos, and Web Links:

May 13th

- CARPA/IASC: A Historical Look Back by John Kennedy (EPA)
- Drought Outlook by Michelle Mead (NWS)
- Fire Outlook for 2015 by Jana Luis (CALFIRE)
- Changing Climate and Living with Smoke by Leland Tarnay (USFS)
- The Fire Next Time Film by Kevin White and Stephen Most
- Review of 2014 Monitoring Results, Data Analysis Techniques, and NowCast AQI by Leland Tarnay (USFS)
- Review of 2014 Monitoring Efforts and Improvements for 2015 by Charles Pearson (ARB)
- Air Resource Advisor: After Action Review, Updates, and Enhancements by Leland Tarnay (USFS) & Dar Mims (ARB)
- Smoke Impacts and Public Health: Health Advisories and School Closures by Dr. Oldam (PCH)
- Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, and Blogs by Ann Hobbs (PCAPCD)
- Smoke Health Metrics and Messaging by Karen Riveles (OEHHA)
- The California Drought: Forest Pests and Tree Mortality Film
- NowCast AQI for PM2.5 Overview by Adam Reff (EPA)
- PFIRS: What’s New and What’s Coming by Jason Branz (ARB)
- AirFire Monitoring Data Display Page Update by Leland Tarnay (USFS)
- AirNow Current Fires Page by Natalie LaGuardia (STI)
- AirNowTech: An Overview by Natalie LaGuardia (STI)
- CANSAC by Dar Mims (ARB)

May 14th
- Monitoring Plans and Response Coordination by Charles Pearson (ARB)
- Burning Season Expansion Ecology, Fuels, and Fire Behavior by Carol Ewell (USFS)
- Winter Meteorology: Dispersion Challenges and Opportunities by Dar Mims (ARB)
- Proposed Ozone Standard Update by Meredith Kurpius (EPA)
- Exceptional Events by Meredith Kurpius (EPA)

Link to the workshop agenda: /carpa/iasccarpa2015program.pdf 

Wildfire Smoke Response Coordination – Best Practices Being Implemented by Agencies in California

This document outlines the collaboration tools developed over the past several years by federal, state, local, and tribal agencies who have been involved in wildland fire smoke air monitoring and response in California. Its purpose is to provide useful information and resources to agencies seeking assistance in protecting the public’s health from the impacts of smoke during catastrophic fire.

This document is prepared under the auspices of the California Air Response Planning Alliance (CARPA) and the California Interagency Air and Smoke Council (IASC) and reflects the proceedings from the inaugural joint workshop held by these two organizations on April 30 - May 1, 2014 at the Wildland Fire Training and Conference Center at McClellan Business Park in Sacramento, CA. The document is not intended to be official guidance but rather serve as a dynamic and useful roadmap and tool for wildfire smoke response coordination in California.

2014 IASC/CARPA Spring Meeting Presentations

  • April 30 - May 1 2014
2013 Air Monitoring Coordination
2013 E-Bams for Emergency Response
IASC Interagency Coordination Data Analysis
Sampling Plan and Coordinated Monitoring
Wildfire Smoke Health Metrics and Messaging
Winter Drought 2013-2014
Public Information Coordination


IASC meets annually to discuss air quality and smoke management related to prescribed burning activities.

CARPA meets regularly to coordinate agencies that respond to hazardous air release incidents, including wildfires.

IASC 2013 Spring Meeting Presentations

Day One, May 29, 2013

Presentations: Presented by:
Upcoming Changes to the Wildfire Smoke Guide
Current Research on Public Perceptions of Smoke
Shelley DuTeaux, CARB / CARPA
Boulder Burn - Proposed Large Landscape Burn Paul Leusch, (USFS-SNF)
North Ops Predictive Services Basil Newmerzhycky (USFS)
PFIRS Jason Branz (CARB)
CANSAC weather products Tim Brown (DRI)

Day Two, May 30, 2013

Presentations: Presented by:
Is it time for Biochar—to Reduce Fuel Suraj Ahuja (USFS)
NOAA Hazard Mapping System (HMS) Mark Ruminski (NOAA)
VIIRS_Fire_Cal Wilfrid Schroeder (NOAA)
Ozone Exceptional Events Gayle Sweigert (CARB)
Air Resources Advisor
Northern CA_SmokeAnalysis 23Aug2012
Thomas previous day analysis
Trent Procter (USFS)
Pete Lahm (USFS)
Air Resources Advisor - Placer County APCD Ann Hobbs (Placer County APCD)
Inciweb Jennifer Jones (USFS - Washington D.C)
The Cascade Fire Kelly Martin/ Lee Tarney (Yosemite - NPS)
Cascade Managed Fire 2012 Dave Conway - (Mariposa County APCD)


IASC 2012 Spring Meeting Presentations

Day One, May 2, 2012

Presentations: Presented by:
Review of IASC purpose / charter / history / accomplishments John Kennedy (EPA) and Ann Hobbs (Placer County APCD)
What’s at risk with attainment designations? Mike Oldershaw (SJVAPCD)
Process / status of EPA Fire Policy Don Hodge (EPA)
Exceptional Events rule and how it relates to the LMAs fire policy Matt Lakin (EPA)
WESTAR update Dan Johnson (WESTAR)
Overview of CARPA –California Air Response Planning Alliance John Kennedy - (EPA) and Shelley DuTeaux – (ARB)
Trend in planning larger landscape restoration burns Rob Griffith (USFS) / Corky Conover (NPS)

Day Two, May 3, 2012

Presentations: Presented by:
2010 Sheep & 2011 Lion Fire Impacts Daniel Martinez (SJVAPCD)
Smoke Impacts in the Great Basin Jon Becknell (GBUAPCD)
Sheep Fire Case Study Discussion Deb Schweizer (USFS)
Lion Fire Case Study Discussion Brent Skaggs (USFS)
Monitoring during the Sheep and Lion Ricardo Cisneros / Don Schweizer (USFS)
A discussion of CANSAC weather products John Snook (USFS)
1300 Call and other products Dar Mims (ARB)
California Fire Science Consortium update Tim Klein (CFSC)

May 2 & 3 Meeting Agenda
Meeting Notes

Past Meetings

April 1-2, 2008, Meeting

Presentations (format is MS Powerpoint): Presented by:
California-Nevada Tahoe Basin Fire Commision Ann Hobbs (Placer Co APCD)
Fire Weather / Predictive Services John Snook (North Ops PSU)
Update on Smoke and Air Quality Issues Kara Paintner (NPS)
The CANSAC/BLUESKY Connection Timothy Brown (DRI)
Regional Haze Progress Report Tina Suarez-Murias (ARB)
PFIRS Progress Report Jason Branz, Joelle Hulbert (ARB Meteorologists)
Impacts of Fires on Yosemite Air Quality, 2007 Leland Tarnay (NPS)

Meeting Notes
Proposed Changes to IASC Charter

Other Materials