Meeting Minutes: Notes From December 21, 2000 Teleconference

This page last reviewed June 20, 2008

The Meteorological Criteria Working Group held its initial meeting on December 21, 2000. The group agreed that the first step was to identify concerns with the current meteorological criteria in each district. After extensive discussion, five broad categories that can influence smoke management were identified.

1. Terrain/ Slope Flows
2. Proximity to Coast/ Marine Layer
3. Air Flow and Dispersion
4. Mixing Height
5. Marginal Burn Decisions

The members of the group are asked to identify the tools needed to aid in compliance with Title 17. Some suggestions include an agricultural network, wind profilers, 700 and 850-millibar wind products to obtain a horizontal aspect of dispersion, and the use of a fine grid ETA model to observe meteorological variables within complex terrain.

Each district is asked to review their smoke management program and decide which meteorological criteria need to be added or changed to acquire a better program. The ARB meteorological staff, South Coast, San Diego and the Salton Sea Air Basins will meet in El Centro early in January to discuss the meteorological criteria concerns in Southern California.