Meeting Minutes: Notes from March 7, 2001 Meeting
10:00am - 3:00pm

This page last reviewed June 20, 2008

Committee members from ARB Meteorology, San Luis Obispo County, U.S. Forest Service, and Monterey Bay Unified APCD met with members of the Monterey Open Burn Task Force to discuss what refinements and improvements ARB can make to the existing burn/ no-burn day assessments done for burners in the North Coast Air Basin. Monterey Bay district staff presented problems that affect local burning including the sea breeze effect on coastal zones, patterns of urbanization, terrain differences, and the significant heating differences between the cooler regions in the north county and the hotter south county locations.

The delayed burn day information was a problem for south county ranchers. Use of the 48-hour decisions should resolve that problem. A representative from Big Basin State Park was unable to burn last year due to burn days coming at inopportune times. A resolution to this situation can be achieved through closer communication and closer participation of district and ARB meteorologist staff as the burn season approaches.

Monterey Bay and San Luis Obispo staff will merge their ideas and establish a defined coastal zone and an interior zone for air basin burn day decisions and send it to ARB staff for consideration. A date has not yet been established for the next meeting.