Meeting Minutes: 2002-02-06 Smoke Management Program Title 17 Working Groups Alternative Meteorological Criteria

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Notes from February 6, 2002 Meeting
10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Committee members from ARB Meteorology, North Coast Unified AQMD, Mendocino County APCD and Northern Sonoma County APCD met in Ukiah to discuss improvements to the existing burn / no-burn day assessments for burners in the North Coast Air Basin. District staff from North Coast and Mendocino expressed problems that affect local burning due to the meteorology in different parts of the Air Basin. Winter storms tracking through Northern California create different meteorological conditions between the northern and southern sections of the North Coast Air Basin. In addition, sea breeze effects and terrain differences between the coastal and inland areas also create different conditions. These varied conditions make it difficult to come up with criteria for local burning that encompasses all regions.
The proposed agricultural burn decision criteria is to divide the Air Basin into a North Section and a South Section. The North Section would include Del Norte, Humbolt and Trinity Counties and the South Section would include Mendocino and Northern Sonoma Counties. Each section would have criteria for above 3,000 feet and below 3,000 feet. The criteria for burn decisions above 3,000 feet in both sections would be based on 500 mb geopotential heights. Below 3,000 feet in the North Section the criteria would be based on the mixing depth. Below 3,000 feet in the South Section the criteria would be based on the stability of the atmosphere in the lowest 3,000 feet.
Agricultural burn decision criteria will be proposed within the next few weeks. If all goes well, implementation of the test criteria will take place in April.

Alternative Meteorological Criteria