Notes from January 31, 2001 Teleconference
10:00 am -12:00pm

This page last reviewed June 20, 2008

The Meteorological Criteria Working Group participated in a teleconference call with the coastal regions to discuss concerns regarding coastal versus inland differences that greatly affect burn conditions in the coastal districts. The initial part of the meeting focused on individual concerns from the coastal districts. The continued use of wind profiler data and the importance of meteorological and prescribed burn training were also discussed.

Representatives from Mendocino County are interested in dividing the county into separate zones, but would like assistance from the ARB on how to go about doing so. The first step is to estimate where the zones should be divided and go from there.

It would make sense that the North Coast Air Basin be divided between the north and the south due to the tremendous variation in weather patterns in each region. Representatives from this air basin are pleased with the marginal burn decisions put out by the ARB since they provide a red flag to limit burning by the districts.

The Bay Area is divided into northern and southern sections, however they are kicking around the idea of adding a coastal region as well. This added region would give the district the ability to shut off burning in the coastal zone if offshore clouds come in, but will allow the inland region to continue to burn.

Many coastal districts are encouraging continued use of wind profilers since they provide a good structure of atmospheric conditions and are helpful in making burn decisions. There was an offer to draft a letter which would encourage the government to retain the profilers for a reasonable length of time.

Meteorological training as well as education on prescribed burning seem to be of high interest among the participants in the conference call. Another call will be set-up in a few weeks to discuss the progress on today's ideas.