Notes from January 24, 2001 Teleconference
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

This page last reviewed June 20, 2008

The Meteorological Criteria Working Group held a teleconference to discuss individual concerns within the districts. Mendocino, Monterey, South Central Coast, South Coast, and the Bay Area commented on concerns regarding coastal versus inland differences that greatly affect burn conditions in their respective areas. The group decided to hold a meeting on January 31, 2001 at the Monterey Bay Unified APCD for those coastal districts who want to further discuss which criteria might work best for authorizing burning in their coastal and inland areas.

Representatives from the San Joaquin Valley APCD would like to divide the San Joaquin Valley into zones and implement a numerical forecast for PM-2.5. The ARB is willing to work with this district and other districts that are interested in zoning their region to improve air quality.

Representatives from the Ventura County APCD expressed concern with the meteorological criteria listed in Section 80210 in Title 17 for the South Central Coast Air Basin (SCCAB). They indicated that the criteria are limited and do not include all the meteorological and air quality variables that are reviewed for a burn decision to be made. They suggested that the meteorological criteria listed in Title 17 for the SCCAB be removed and replaced with a statement such as "meteorological and air quality variables are reviewed to enable the burn day decision". Others noted that these criteria should be created as minimal conditions and that districts are free to use additional criteria to make local burn decisions. Ventura County representatives also mentioned that they would like to see a statement regarding the capability of each air district to make their own burn decisions, provided that they show on-going competence.

The fact that this is a July 2001 Board item was briefly mentioned. Another meeting involving all interested parties will take place after the coastal districts have discussed their coastal versus inland burn decision concerns on January 31.