Sacramento Valley Agricultural Burn Decision

This page last updated July 1, 2013.

This page contains information on acreage allocation for the Sacramento Valley Air Basin.
Based on weather and air quality conditions today in the Sacramento Valley, the state Air Resources Board has made a preliminary, basinwide acreage allocation for low-elevation agricultural burning. The final acreage allocation for the air basin may differ. The preliminary acreage distribution to the districts by the Basinwide Air Pollution Control Council is not the actual number of acres burned in your county, nor is it an indicator of what air quality will be like in your area.

Please keep in mind that the information on this web-page is not permission to burn!
For permission to burn, you are required to contact your local agricultural burn authority, which has information available on local conditions, including fire danger, and can respond to local burning problems.
For information on types of burning other than agricultural burning, contact your local air pollution control district.

August 11, 2013

Contact your Air Pollution Control District for final authorization to burn.

Above 3,000 Feet
It is a: Permissive Burn Day (Fair)

Below 3,000 Feet
It is a: Permissive Burn Day
Initial Allocation: 2000 Acres
Revised Allocation: 2000 Acres

Initial District Distribution (Acres)
Colusa: 200
Sutter: 200
Butte: 200
Yolo/Solano: 200
Glenn: 200
Sacramento: 200
Yuba: 200
Placer: 200
Tehama: 200
Shasta: 200

Note: Actual acres that are used by your district may be less than shown here due to local conditions.

*** You must contact your local Air Pollution Control District
and/or fire officials before burning ***

This notice is issued one time daily by 10:00 a.m. Updates are only available from your local Air Pollution Control District.

District Phone Numbers
Colusa: 530-458-0590
Yuba / Sutter: 530-634-7659
Butte: 530-891-2882
Yolo / Solano: 530-757-3650
Glenn: 530-934-6500
Sacramento: 916-875-6603
Placer: 530-889-7130
Tehama: 530-527-3717
Shasta: 530-225-5674