Biomass Burning Alternatives - Firewood

This page updated October 8, 2002

Sub-merchantable and woody cull material, that is left behind after a logging operation, can be used as firewood for home heating.

The stand condition description used for whole tree and cut to length logging operations apply to firewood, since the material used to produce biomass chips or pulplogs can also be used to produce firewood.

Equipment Needed:
The amount and type of equipment needed varies from small to large firewood operations, as do the costs and revenues of firewood production. Contact several firewood contractors in your area for more details.
  • Small operations -- pick-up truck and chainsaw
  • Large operations -- firewood is removed in association with mechanical logging. The equipment used in the mechanical logging process can be used to bring the material to a convenient location to be processed into firewood.
  • Firewood
  • Effectively reduces fuels on smaller, urban-interface projects, while reducing smoke emissions from burning projects
  • Firewood can be removed on small and large projects when there is no market for biomass chips or pulplogs
  • Time consuming to remove substantial amounts of fuel on small projects
  • Larger operations may need a transfer yard to process firewood
  • Some contractors operate without proper insurance and /or State permits