Project at a Glance

Title: Decision Drivers to Facilitate Lower-Polluting Products Choices by Customers

Principal Investigator / Author(s): Delmas, Magali

Contractor: UC Los Angeles

Contract Number: 20RD008

Research Program Area: Climate Change

Topic Areas: Behavioral Change

Research Summary:

California is a nation leader in adopting the most ambitious goals when it comes to reducing air quality and climate pollutants. A greater understanding of the drivers of lower polluting consumer choice can bolster the effectiveness of the policies and programs that CARB has implemented to achieve these goals. The objective of this project is to help incentivize consumers to use lower polluting products and services. First, the Contractor will acquire a better understanding of the motivations that underpin consumers' choices in purchasing higher-polluting products rather than more sustainable ones, in order to develop recommendations for improving policy mechanisms aimed at facilitating choices of consumers acquiring and disposing of products, and consequently result in a faster uptake of sustainable products. Second, the Contractor will design a communication campaign for end users and other target audiences of varying demographics to facilitate better environmental outcomes by leveraging the fuller understanding of choice drivers. The results of this work will provide an adaptable and scalable framework to message the benefits of environmentally sustainable practices to ensure that they are adopted rapidly, in the most targeted and cost-effective manner, and lead to lasting consumer behavior change. CARB staff will use this framework in-house to improve the efficacy of its programs to accomplish the state's air quality and climate goals.

For questions regarding this research project, including available data and progress status, contact: Research Division staff at (916) 445-0753

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