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Project Status: complete

Title: Analysis and interpretation of the 1985 Sequoia transport experiment

Principal Investigator / Author(s): Myrup, Leonard

Contract Number: A6-082-32

Research Program Area: Atmospheric Processes

Topic Areas: Acid Deposition


An analysis and interpretation is presented of the 1985 Aerosol Transport and Characterization Program at Sequoia National Park, sponsored by the California Air Resources Board. Overall, it was found that the program produced unique data sets and interesting new results relating particulate air quality and meteorology in the context of complex terrain. The major conclusion is that the meso-scale wind field, as modulated by synoptic-scale fluctuations, is the chief factor acting to cause variation in particulate concentrations in the park. It is recommended that future work emphasize the following areas: (1) Three-dimensional structure of the meso-scale wind field in the southern Sierra foothills, with particular emphasis in the Fresno Eddy, the San Joaquin Valley nocturnal jet and the apparent convergence zone identified between Fresno and the park. (2) Development of an objective synoptic topology to relate particulate concentration and composition to weather map features. (3) Application of modern numerical meso-scale-wind field models with understanding of the complex wind field in the park. In addition, it was recommended that in future measurement programs, greater effort be made to locate sites completely unaffected by local sources of pollutants.


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