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Project Status: complete

Title: A plan to retrofit 3 diesel generators with RYPOS trap. Final report

Principal Investigator / Author(s): DePetrillo, Frank

Contractor: RYPOS, Inc.

Contract Number: ICAT 01-6

Research Program Area: Emissions Monitoring & Control

Topic Areas: ICAT Grants / Technology, Stationary Sources


The objective of this project was to demonstrate the capability of the RYPOS TRAP diesel emission control system to remediate particulate matter from diesel exhaust. This report presents the results of a field demonstration of the RYPOS TRAP. This demonstration was partially funded by the ICAT program of the California Air Resources Board. The RYPOS TRAP is an actively regenerated diesel exhaust particulate trap that is self-cleaning and automatic in operation.

The field demonstration consisted of a nine-month series of tests on three electrical backup generators, all located in Riverside, CA. The generators were rated at 100 kW, 225 kW, and 350 kW. Measurements of the diesel emissions were made before installation of the RYPOS TRAP, after installation of the trap, after accumulating hours of operation under varying load conditions, and after removal of the trap. This provided an accurate record of the performance of each RYPOS TRAP.

The demonstration showed that the RYPOS TRAP can effectively remove from 69 to 97% of the soot in diesel exhaust under field conditions, and clean itself reliably independent of engine exhaust temperature or fuel sulfur content. During these demonstrations, the backpressure remained within acceptable limits.

The completion of all three phases of the demonstration program have shown that the RYPOS TRAP is a viable solution to the problem of particulates in the exhaust of diesel engines operated under low exhaust temperature or high sulfur fuel conditions. During this demonstration program, the RYPOS TRAP maintained consistently low back pressure under a variety of engine loads, and stayed within our target for regeneration efficiency. Valuable practical field experience has been gained during this program. As a result of these demonstrations, RYPOS is redesigning the filter for lower weight, smaller size, and lower power consumption. The demonstrations have confirmed our decision to target the initial marketing effort for the product to electrical generators. After the initial product introduction, RYPOS intends to adapt the filter to other market segments, such as trucks, buses, marine, locomotive, and off-road construction equipment. RYPOS expects to have the next generation RYPOS TRAP available by the end of 2002.


For questions regarding this research project, including available data and progress status, contact: Research Division staff at (916) 445-0753

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