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Project Status: complete

Title: Zero-VOC industrial maintenance metal coating. Final report.

Principal Investigator / Author(s): Huang, Eddy W., Ph.D

Contractor: AeroVironment

Contract Number: 95-346

Research Program Area: Emissions Monitoring & Control

Topic Areas: ICAT Grants / Technology, Stationary Sources


The objectives of this project are to develop a new metal coating system that is sufficiently mature for demonstration and to develop a technology transfer plan to get the product into public use. The coating system was first fully tested in the laboratory. Hundreds of panels were prepared and tested, and many engineering hours were spent to develop the coating theory and fine tune the coating performance characteristics. The performance characteristics of this new coating system are excellent in terms of adhesion, drying times, hardness, and rust and chemical resistance.

Field demonstrations were conducted at two selected manufacturing facilities. The field demonstrations provide valuable information on how the coating performs in a full-scale application. In addition, the field demonstrations provide the information required for converting from conventional metal coating to the new metal coating system.

Substantial progress has been made to identify market opportunities in California for new environmentally-sound products specifically the need for a no-/low- VOC finishing coating system for metal furniture and industrial maintenance coatings. The complete absence of organic solvents means that this new coating is not only less hazardous to use but emits no volatile organic compounds; therefore, it does not contribute to air pollution. The self-contained manufacturing process emits no significant air pollutants.

The environmental benefits of this project and the cost-effective solution for VOC reduction in California would be achieved with the continuous VOC reduction capability of this product and thereby help the California Air Resources Board (ARB) meet clean air goals.


For questions regarding this research project, including available data and progress status, contact: Research Division staff at (916) 445-0753

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