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Project Status: complete

Title: Design and testing of the SCAQS sampler for the SCAQS study, 1987

Principal Investigator / Author(s): Fitz, Dennis

Contractor: AeroVironment, Inc.

Contract Number: A6-077-32

Topic Areas: Acid Deposition, Monitoring


The principal objectives of this project were the design, construction and testing of an integrated gas and aerosol sampler in order to provide a set of nine equivalent samplers for the Southern California Air Quality Study (SCAQS). The design initially proposed was similar to that built by Prof. Glen Cass of the California Institute of Technology. This design was modified in response to SCAQS requirements, potential problems noted by reviewers, and deficiencies observed during the prototype testing. The prototype sampler showed a precision of 3 percent to 7 percent. Significant losses of ammonia and nitric acid in the original prototype sampler were reduced to less than 5 percent in the final design. The side-by-side evaluation showed that the coefficients of variation of the mean concentrations averaged over all samplers for each of the 20 species determined were within the overall detection limits, indicating the equivalency of the samplers. The final result was the delivery on time to the California Air Resources Board of nine fully tested and equivalent samplers which could be easily and quickly serviced in the field and that provided adequate sensitivity for the species to be determined.


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