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Project Status: complete

Report Published February 1979:

Title: Fine particle emissions from stationary and miscellaneous sources in the South Coast Air Basin. appendix

Principal Investigator / Author(s): Taback, H. J.

Contractor: KVB, Inc.

Contract Number: A6-191-30

Research Program Area: Atmospheric Processes

Topic Areas: Ecosystem Impacts, Impacts, Monitoring


An investigation of fine particulate emissions from stationary and miscellaneous sources in the greater Los Angeles area was conducted. The objectives were to help provide information on the origin of the ambient aerosol (hare) and to develop a basis from which to plan control strategy. The program results included extensive field test data, an inventory of total suspended particulate (TSP) emissions, a comprehensive profile on these emissions (i.e., by size distribution and chemical composition) and recommendations of alternative methods of emission control. The particulate inventory was delivered to the ARB in the form of computer print-outs and magnetic tapes. The emission profiles developed on the program were presented as an appendix to this report. These profiles dived the TSP emissions by weight percent into four categories, greater than 10pm, 3-10pm, 1-3pm, and less than 1pm. Within each category, the chemical composition is tabulated in weight percent. These data include: elemental composition (by x-ray fluorescence); sulfate and nitrate composition (by wet chemistry); and carbon content (by carbon analyzer) in the forms of volatile, carbonate, and total carbon.


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