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Project Status: complete

Report Published March 1989:

Title: Development of an inventory of materials potentially sensitive to ambient atmospheric acidity in the South Coast Air Basin.

Principal Investigator / Author(s): Horie, Yuji

Contractor: Valley Research Corporation

Contract Number: A6-079-32

Research Program Area: Emissions Monitoring & Control, Atmospheric Processes

Topic Areas: Acid Deposition, Area Sources, Ecosystem Impacts, Impacts, Modeling


This study demonstrates a methodology which permits the development of a comprehensive inventory of materials-in-place in an urban region, within a practical scope of work and with verified reliability. This methodology has been successfully applied to produce an inventory, for the South Coast Air Basin, of potentially susceptible materials exposed to the urban atmosphere. It involves separate treatment of three types of facilities, with specific protocols for each type. The three types of facilities, in which almost all of the susceptible materials are found, are (1) single-family residences (SFRs); (2) non-residential buildings and multiple-unit residential buildings, collectively called non-single-family residences (NSFRs); (3) structures other than buildings, collectively called Infrastructures.

Out of two and a quarter million SFR parcels recorded in the tax assessor data bases in the SoCAB, a representative sample of1299 households were selected and surveyed by telephone regarding exterior surface materials of buildings and ground covers. Subsequently, a field survey of 299 houses selected from those surveyed by telephone was conducted to make detailed on-site measurements of all exterior material-finishes. For NSFRs, out of 3855 tax assessor mapbooks over the SoCAB, 3g mapbooks were selected and the corresponding regions were examined using aerial photographic method. With a camera system mounted on a light aircraft, a total of 2999 low altitude, oblique photographs were taken and analyzed to evaluate exposed material surfaces of 1429 NSFR parcels selected from those in the 39 study sites. Materials associated with infrastructures such as highways, railroads, channelized waterways and power distribution networks were quantified by estimating three basic quantities: the total miles of infrastructure facilities; the number of material-bearing items associated with the facilities; and the material factors for such items. Estimates of the three quantities were made either by conducting a special survey (for highways), by taking on-site measurements of a few selected items of each type, or by obtaining enumeration statistics from appropriate data source organizations.

Based on these three separate analyses, a reliable, highly resolved, comprehensive inventory of materials-in-place was developed for the entire SoCAB region.


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