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High Performance Polyol Phosphate Esters (POLYOL) Coatings to Meet Low VOC Emission Limits

John Massingill, Ph. D., Director, Center for Coatings Science and Technology, Texas State University

May 09, 2006
Cal EPA Headquarters, 1001 "I" Street, Sacramento, CA

Research Project


Texas State University has developed a prototype coating resin using hyperbranched, vegetable oil polyol phosphate esters (POLYOL). The resin can be used to meet reduced VOC limits applicable to alkyd and other coatings. Innovative features of the new resin are the hyperbranched technology, combined with water dispersibility, and corrosion resistance via the phosphate ester groups. The hyperbranched resin allows waterborne and solvent based alkyd paints to achieve conventional performance at unconventionally low VOC levels. The use of the phosphate ester for dispersion reduces the need for surfactants, and the phosphate dispersing group reacts with metal substrates to improve adhesion and improve corrosion resistance of the coating.

Under funding from the ARB's ICAT program, John Massingill, of Texas State University organized a demonstration of the resin technology in container coatings by Precision Coatings in California. Five gallons of black POLYOL formulation were used to spray paint items on a commercial line. The items were flash dried, baked for about five minutes, cooled, and removed from the line for observations and testing. The coatings had good flow, good gloss, good adhesion, and good solvent resistance characteristics. The coatings had some streaking, due to wetting problems in some areas of the substrate metal. This is correctable by reformulation of the coating.

Speaker Biography

John Massingill, Ph.D., is currently director of the Center for Coatings Science and Technology at Texas State University. He received his Ph.D. degree in Organic Chemistry from Texas Christian University. He worked for 25 years for The Dow Chemical Company. His current research is the area of new alkyd resins for architectural and industrial coatings.

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