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Greenhouse Gas Emissions Resulting from Motor Vehicle Air Conditioning

  • Stephen O. Andersen, United States Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC, Representing the Mobile Air Conditioning Climate Protection Partnership,
  • Ward Atkinson, Suntest Engineering, Scottsdale, Arizona, Representing the Society of Automotive Engineers,
  • James Baker, Delphi Automotive, Representing the Montreal Protocol Technology and Economic Assessment Panel Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Technical Options Committee, and
  • Elvis Hoffpauir, MACS, Representing the Mobile Air Conditioning Society Worldwide

September 24, 2002
Cal EPA Headquarters, 1001 "I" Street, Sacramento, California


A team of experts who globally collaborate will present a detailed status report on assessment and voluntary actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from vehicle air conditioning. The presentation will include a short history of technical progress, estimates of direct greenhouse gas refrigerant emissions and energy emissions from fuel used to power vehicle air conditioning, technical and service options to further reduce emissions, and the work plan of the Mobile Air Conditioning Climate Protection Partnership.

Speaker Biography

James A. Baker is a Senior Staff Research Scientist in Delphi Automotive System's group responsible for developing future mobile air conditioning systems. Jim is active on environmental issues and represents the mobile air conditioning industry on several international committees.

Stephen O. Andersen is the Director of Strategic Climate Projects at the U.S. EPA and co-chair of the Mobile Air Conditioning Climate Protection Partnership. He has successfully started several voluntary partnerships that reduce greenhouse gas emissions in military, aerospace, and stationary and mobile air conditioning sectors. Stephen is the EPA technical liaison to the Department of Defense on climate protection matters.

Ward J. Atkinson is the president of Sun Test Engineering which provides consulting services to the automotive industry. Prior to his current position, he directed development activities for electrical, engine cooling, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems for passenger vehicles at GM for thirty years.

Elvis Hoffpauir is president of the Mobile Air Conditioning Society Worldwide. He was a leader in developing and implementing universal programs for recycling CFCs and HFCs from mobile air conditioning units. He is also instrumental in efforts to identify new and improved AC systems.

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