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Survey of the Use of Ozone-Generating Air Cleaners by the California Public

Robert H. Lee, Director of Survey Operations, Survey Research Center, University of California, Berkeley

January 17, 2007
Cal EPA Headquarters, 1001 "I" Street, Sacramento, CA

Research Project


A representative telephone survey of 2,019 California adults was conducted to determine the extent to which Californians purchased and used indoor air cleaners, specifically models that produce ozone either intentionally or as a by-product, as well as the reasons for their purchase, the frequency and duration of their use, and to determine other factors that may impact public health.

Fourteen percent of California households own an air cleaner. Ten percent of California households own an air cleaner that produces ozone intentionally (often referred to as "ozone generators") or as a by-product: two percent (2%) of California households own an ozone generator that intentionally emits ozone, while eight percent (8%) own an air cleaner that may emit ozone as a by-product. An estimated 828,000 Californians (about 282,000 households) may be intentionally exposed to potentially harmful levels of ozone.

Many more residents may be exposed to lower ozone concentrations from by-product devices. Californians purchase air cleaners primarily for health reasons, and most use their air cleaners continuously every day.

Speaker Biography

Robert H. Lee, has been a survey research professional for more than 30 years. He has worked for both academic and private survey research companies including the University of Wisconsin and the Gallup Organization before joining the University of California. His current responsibilities include management and administration of all survey projects at Berkeley's Survey Research Center, development of cost proposals, fiscal oversight, research design, new business development, oversight of data collection quality control, and coordination of all project management efforts. Mr. Lee regularly presents at meetings of professional associations including the American Association for Public Opinion Research and the International Field Directors and Technologies Conference.

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