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Air Quality Modeling: Policy - Relevant Scientific Investigations

Ajith Kaduwela, Ph.D., Modeling and Meteorology Branch, Planning and Technical Support Division, California Air Resources Board

December 18, 2001
Cal EPA Headquarters, 1001 "I" Street, Sacramento, CA

Also presented in El Monte on January 25, 2002



This seminar will describe the scientific investigations carried out at the Air Resources Board (ARB) using grid-based photochemical air-quality models to support ozone, particulate matter, and regional haze State Implementation Plans.

The ability of grid-based photochemical models to predict the observed ozone and its precursor concentrations has improved considerably in recent years. The capabilities of ARB staff to apply those models to support the regulatory process has also improved in parallel, and ARB is now considered a leader in grid-based photochemical modeling of ozone and its precursors. During this seminar, we will describe the current status of our ozone-modeling program with examples from 1990 SARMAP, 1997 SCOS, and 2000 CCOS episodes. (SARMAP is a nested acronym for SJV/AUSPEX Regional Mapping of Air Pollution where SJV stands for San Joaquin Valley and AUSPEX stands for Atmospheric Utility Signature Prediction Experiment. SCOS stands for the Southern California Ozone Study and CCOS stands for the Central California Ozone Study.)

With the California Regional Particulate Matter Air Quality Study (CRPAQS) of 2000, ARB staff is now in a unique position to exercise and evaluate photochemical models capable of simulating particulate matter air quality. We will present the results of modeling conducted during the planning stages of the CRPAQS study and describe our approach to modeling CRPAQS episodes.

The Regional Haze Rule requires collaborative modeling with other western states. We will describe the regional modeling framework already in place, ARB's role in it, and our plans for capacity building to conduct high-resolution regional haze modeling for the entire state and beyond.

Speaker Biography

Dr. Ajith Kaduwela is a Staff Air Pollution Specialist in the Planning and Technical Support Division. Currently, he is the lead air quality modeler for the San Joaquin Valley Severe Area Ozone Attainment Demonstration Plan, which is an integral part of the State Implementation Plan. He is a member of the Technical Committee of the Western States Air Resources Council (WESTAR), Modeling Forum of the Western Regional Air Partnership (WRAP), and the Technical Advisory Committee to the WRAP Regional Modeling Center at University of California at Riverside. He holds a B.S. degree in chemistry and mathematics and a Ph.D. in chemistry. Prior to joining ARB he was a researcher at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the Department of Physics, University of California at Davis. He has authored nearly fifty publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals on various aspects of computational chemistry and physics. He also teaches in the Department of Land, Air and Water Resources of the University of California at Davis.

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