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Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions in London

Allan Jones, MBE, CEO, London Climate Change Agency Ltd.

January 18, 2007
Cal EPA Headquarters, 1001 "I" Street, Sacramento, CA



The Southeast of England is predicted to experience the most significant changes in climate in the United Kingdom (UK). The London Climate Change Agency's Chief Executive Officer, Allan Jones, will make a presentation on how he succeeded in reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 77.5% from 1990 levels (these levels are close to achieving Governor Schwarzenegger's 80% greenhouse gas emission reduction goal for California in the year 2050) in the Southeast England town of Woking. His groundbreaking work covers energy, water, waste and transportation. This presentation will include discussions on how he achieved these emission reductions, what lessons were learned, and how London and other cities can benefit from this research. Practical advice on promoting development and growth without contributing to climate change will also be discussed.

Speaker Biography

Allan Jones, MBE, is the Chief Executive Officer of the London Climate Change Agency (LCCA), a municipal company owned by the London Development Agency and led by the Mayor as Chairman. The LCCA is the Mayor's direct delivery agency and implements projects in the sectors that impact climate change, especially energy, water, waste and transportation.

Allan has more than 30 years experience in the housing, building services, energy, water, waste, transportation and climate change sectors. Prior to his appointment he was Director of the Woking Borough (population of approximately 100,000) Council's Energy and Environmental Services Company (EESCO) - Thameswey Ltd., where he developed and implemented projects through its public/private joint Energy Services Company (ESCO) - Thameswey Energy Ltd. The EESCO and ESCO are two of the first companies of their type in the UK.

During his time at Woking, Allan reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 77.5% from 1990 levels and undertook groundbreaking work on energy and water efficiency, private wire combined heat and power (CHP) cogeneration and trigeneration decentralized energy systems, environmentally friendly waste recycling/recovery and energy from waste technologies, alternative fuels for transport, renewable energy and fuel cells. Under Allan, Woking installed nearly 10% of the UK's total installed solar energy photovoltaics and the first fuel cell CHP in the UK.

Prior to the Woking Borough Council, Allan worked for the Greater London Council/Inner London Education Authority for 18 years on major development and regeneration projects both as an engineer and senior manager.

Allan was appointed a Member of the British Empire (MBE) in 1999 for services to energy and water efficiency. He was instrumental in helping the Woking Council win the Queen's Award for Enterprise: Sustainable Development in 2001, the only local authority ever to receive a Queen's Award for Enterprise.

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