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Testing for Exhaust Emissions of Diesel-Powered Off-Road Engines

Mridul Gautam, Ph.D., Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, West Virginia University, Morgantown, West Virginia

September 06, 2002
9500 Telstar Avenue, Annex II, El Monte, California

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Research Project


Emissions databases for off-road diesel-powered equipment suffer immensely from insufficient real-world activity data. Moreover, we have had little information available regarding the validity of standardized dynamometer engine test cycles that are currently used for emissions certification. The Air Resources Board initiated this study to fill this void in off-road equipment testing cycles and to obtain the "real-world" emissions data that is needed for accurate emissions inventories. A procedure for matching in-vehicle activity data to the laboratory dynamometer operating cycle was specifically developed in this project and will be useful in future research projects. The emissions data collected are currently being used for emission inventory purposes.

Speaker Biography

Mridul Gautam has conducted research in the areas of heavy-duty on-highway and off-road engines for nearly 14 years, specializing in testing of exhaust emissions and aerosol sampling and size measurements. Among other accomplishments, he has been instrumental in the development and operation of the National Research Center for Alternative Fuels, Engines and Emissions program at WVU, and currently serves as its Co-Director. He has served as the Principal Investigator or the Co-Principal Investigator of several research programs with a total funding level of nearly $40 million and has authored/co-authored over 200 technical articles.

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