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Innovative Clean Air Technologies Grant Report: Low-Temperature Oxidation System Demonstration

Robert Kelton, BOC Gases, Murray Hill, NJ

August 28, 2001
Cal EPA Headquarters, 1001 "I" Street, Sacramento, California



BOC Gases has demonstrated a low-temperature NOₓ removal process (LoTOx) at a reverbertory furnace used for lead smelting, achieving over 90 percent NOₓ removal under varying operating conditions. The demonstration establishes LoTOx as a useful process for high-temperature industrial furnaces, a source class that generally has lacked an effective, practical means of NOₓ control.

The LoTOx system injects ozone into the flue gas stream to oxidize insoluble NOₓ to soluble oxidized compounds. Ozone is produced on site in response to the amount of NOₓ present in the flue gas. The ozone rapidly reacts with insoluble NO and NO₂ to form soluble N₂O₅, which rapidly reacts with moisture in the gas stream to form nitric acid. The nitric acid is removed in an aqueous scrubber, neutralized, and sewered.

LoTOx does not require heat input to maintain operational efficiency or to prevent the "slip" of treatment chemicals, such as ammonia, as is common with selective catalytic reduction or non-catalytic reduction (SCR or SNCR). Also, it is not affected by other contaminants in the flue gas and does not interfere with heat recovery.

Speaker Biography

Robert Kelton is Manager, Process Support for the LoTOx Business Development Group, at BOC Gases in Murray Hill, NJ. Since joining BOC in 1997, Mr. Kelton has worked in BOC's Environmental Market Sector to develop and commercialize BOC's CO2 SuperSkid solvent replacement technology and the LoTOx Low Temperature Oxidation technology for removal of NOₓ emissions. In 2001, he moved full time to support LoTOx commercialization.

Mr. Kelton has a BS in Chemical Engineering from Lafayette College.

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