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Demonstration of Fast-Charged Electric Ground-Support Equipment at an Airport

Garrett P. Beauregard, Director of Engineering, Electric Transportation Engineering Corporation, Phoenix, Arizona

August 22, 2002
Cal EPA Headquarters, 1001 "I" Street, Sacramento, California


Electric Transportation Engineering Corporation (ETEC) conducted a demonstration project at the Sacramento International Airport with support from the Air Resources Board's (ARB) Innovative Clean Air Technologies (ICAT) grant program. The project demonstrated fast-charged electric ground-support equipment (GSE) at the Southwest Airlines terminal. Thirteen diesel-powered baggage tractors and airplane pushers were retrofit with electric motors that were served by ETEC's fast-charge recharging system. The project fully integrated the electric GSE with Southwest's operations. The project demonstrated that fast-charged electric GSE provides efficient, practical service to the airline while eliminating diesel emissions without requiring a major upgrade of electrical infrastructure at the terminal.

Speaker Biography

Garrett P. Beauregard has seven years of experience in the electric vehicle industry, including five years as a development engineer for General Motors' ground-breaking EV1 and S-10 electric vehicles.

For the past two years, Mr. Beauregard has been the Director of Engineering for the Electric Transportation Engineering Corporation overseeing a wide variety of electric vehicles and charging infrastructure projects.

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