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Diesel Particulate Trap Technology for OEM and Retrofit - Why and How?

Andreas Mayer, Mechanical Engineer, University Karlsruhe, Germany

February 07, 2002
9528 Telstar Avenue, El Monte, California



  • What is Diesel Particulate?
  • Technical Aspect of Health Effects Solutions other than filtration?
  • Filter media, efficiency and backpressure
  • Periodic cleaning = Regeneration
  • Chemical processes within the filter -> secondary emissions
  • Filter system verification/type approval
  • Field experience
  • Long term quality aspects

Speaker Biography

Andreas Mayer - is a Mechanical Engineer from the University of Karlsruhe Germany. His special expertise is in Nonsteady Flow, Diesel Combustion Supercharging and Emissions. Andreas is an emissions expert who works for the Swiss EPA. He is a consultant for authorities such as: EC, UBA, DEEP, SUVA and AUVA. Andreas is also the organizer of the yearly International Conference on Nanoparticle Measurement in Zurich.

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