1997 Southern California Ozone Study - NARSTO

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In order to develop databases to support detailed photochemical modeling and analysis for a better understanding of the processes involved in the formation of high ozone concentrations in the South Coast Air Basin and across the Southern California Region, the Air Resources Board, the Mojave Desert AQMD, the San Diego County APCD, the Santa Barbara County APCD, the South Coast AQMD, the Ventura County APCD, the U.S. EPA and the U.S. Navy co-sponsored the 1997 Southern California Ozone Study - North American Research Strategy for Tropospheric Ozone

NARSTO is a composite organization whose membership spans government, the utilities, industry and academia throughout Canada, Mexico and the United States. Its primary mission is to coordinate and enhance scientific research and assessment of tropospheric ozone behavior, with the central programmatic goal of determining workable, efficient and effective strategies for local and regional ozone control.

The SCOS97 - NARSTO meteorological network and most of the air quality network collected data from June 16 through October 15, 1997. During intensive operational periods, emission data and additional meteorological and air quality data were captured for five different types of multi-day ozone episodes of interest to the sponsors. The data sets are now in the process of being analyzed.